Blockchain—a peer-to-peer, open, and distributed network that sits on top of the internet provides an effective way to record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. The blockchain is enabling multiple business cases like cryptocurrencies, healthcare, Tracking and transferring moneyor inventory, insurance contracts, financial contracts and many others which is going to affect day to day life of end users. iRESlab can be your partner to offer you development and support services for Blockchain development, Smart Contracts, ICO platform, Crypto Exchange and other related use. With our expertise in the domain, we can help clients accelerate time to market to capture the value of blockchain.

Development Services

Smart Contract

  • Design, development, audit, and optimization of self-executing coded business contracts using Solidity to business processes.

Private Blockchain

  • Build permissioned private Blockchain applications for any industry and save on infrastructure and operational costs.


  • ICO and Cryptocurrency development services to successfully launch your customized ERC20 Tokens

Distributed Apps

  • DEApps(Distributed Apps), consensus controlled rather than a single entity, a safe and secure application developed using the blockchain

Payment & IoT

  • Design & develop payment and IoT distributed applications for FinTech & other business use cases like money transfer, e-commerce using tokens

Crypto Exchange

  • Our experienced team design & develop high performance, reliable, and secure Crypto Exchange for trading, order sharing &Referral Program
Experienced team to provide consulting and development on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • Work with clients on Blockchain projects to accelerate secured and encrypted document exchange, fund transfers, and contract maintenance. We also provide private and hosted Blockchain development services.
  • Provides consulting services to clients related to the technical strategy and implementation of Blockchain projects and infrastructure.
  • Custom development and deployment of cutting-edge Blockchain applications as well as the integration of Blockchain into existing systems.
  • Develop and support backend services and application integrated with existing Blockchains and client’s systems. We also develop full blockchain software for different industry verticals.
  • Configuration and management of the IT infrastructure to enable seamless administration of Blockchain projects using AWS and Azure cloud.

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