We may be a startup but we have a history, a conscience and a driving philosophy that goes beyond just the two years we have been in existence.

  • The history comes from the 100+ years of experience our founding team has in our chosen areas of Payments, Enterprise Software and Mobility.
  • The conscience is the rationale behind our existence – we firmly believe that the purpose of business is not just to be profitable but also to be a force for good in society.
  • This philosophy drives all of actions at work and beyond and in support of the same we have earmarked a portion of revenues since inception to be used for social causes.

Our primary focus is to deliver world class services based solution to our clients. Our understanding of the needs of our clients across a variety of domains allows us to leverage new technologies or business models or to develop a deployable architecture that can efficiently scale with the business needs of our clients.

iRESlab provides services to our clients to assist them throughout the business lifecycle – from idea generation to supporting a deployed service. From offices located in the Silicon Valley, USA and Noida, India, we provide IP creation, quality software development, architecture, performance and support to our clients worldwide in multiple verticals, including financials, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, retail, telecommunications, payments, and healthcare.

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