It’s true that there are a lot of options out there – several companies offer generic “outsourcing” or “offshoring” capabilities that promise to deliver essentially more bang for your dollar. In this crowded environment we are aware of how difficult it is to stand apart. Despite that we believe we are highly differentiated and for the specific market segments we seek to address our value proposition is clear!

Domain Expertise
Payments, Blockchain, Healthcare and Mobile

Not for us the wide swathe through the rainbow of technologies and domains – we are clear that our expertise is limited to the application of technology to products and solutions that make sense in the Payments, Blockchain and Healthcare space. We have a deep understanding of and an understandable tilt towards Mobility in what we do. In our chosen areas of Payments, Blockchain, Healthcare, and Mobility we have a virtually unmatched depth as well as the breadth of expertise stemming from the proven expertise of our top management. We don’t do everything but what we do – we do as well as anyone in the world.

Razor Sharp
Product Development

Product development is just different and doesn’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The care and attention that needs to be applied at each stage of the product development process to ensure the end product is highly reliable are ingrained in us. We understand that what matters in product development is a high quality, defect-free delivery that adheres to a predictable schedule. Our method allows for the agility and flexibility today’s dynamic product development environment demands. Our capabilities cover much of the product development life cycle from product prototyping to core product development to testing and through till ongoing sustenance and maintenance.

Business objectives, and not the technology, define the strategy

Technology is a way to get things done – history is replete with examples of products that have fallen by the wayside because they were too tied into the technology platform. Our approach is different. Given that our footprint is restricted to Payments, Blockchain, Healthcare, and Mobility we make the extra effort to keep ourself updated at all times with the developments in that space – technology related or otherwise. We aim to be ready for the twist in the technology tale that is not yet visible over the horizon. In line with this, we seek to leverage the most appropriate technology to solve the business problems placed before us rather than force-fit a shiny new technology into the opportunity.

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